Border Path


One could mistakenly think that this is a simple checkpoint in the middle of the vast flat terrain of Indochina. But no, this is more than a checkpoint; this is a border crossing between Cambodia and Laos.

The Cambodian barrier serves as a starting point of a 100-meter stretch of a ‘no man’s land’ before you reach the territory of Lao PDR. It was, and probably still is, one of the worst border crossings in the region with tourists simply insert a 5 dollar-bill into their passports during entry on top of the hefty visa fees. Even a fellow ASEAN citizen like myself was not spared from the corrupt norm despite the visa waiver scheme.

With the new border crossings operating on both sides, we could wish for an improvement of the service and the restoration of integrity for the officials. It’s a long and arduous task, but someone has to start somewhere. I put my trust on the leaders of these 2 beautiful Southeast Asian nations.

And now if I could just find that cheap return ticket…


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3 Replies to “Border Path”

  1. Very thoughtful interpretation of the challenge. Sad to hear that an extra $5 bill is necessary for a smooth checkpoint trip, but in some parts of Asia that is the way the status quo is. As you said, hope things improve but sometimes it is a slow process. Best wishes for 2017 and safe travels 🙂


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