#SEAMusic Solitary Space

Source: kontakbandartis.com
Source: kontakbandartis.com

Has your body ever longed for a gentle touch on your skin, but your heart told you to brush it off before it inched any closer?

Have your lips ever longed for a kiss, but your sense forced you to completely lock them up?

Have your eyes ever longed for a sight of an old lover to return, but the memories of sorrow crept back in before you even moved to embrace?

Tulus, a talented Indonesian singer & songwriter, portrayed that emotion perfectly in one of his latest songs titled “Ruang Sendiri” (Solitary Space). A space and time to retreat, despite all the negativity that others label it, is more often needed than not to calm your sense, ease up your mind, and make up a healthy decision.

Here’s a clip of which I am in awe to watch the epic performance of Melati Suryodarmo as the model representing the emotion:

This post marks the first review of countless of inspiring Southeast Asian artists that I will write in this blog using hashtag #SEAMusic.

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